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New Boats for Sale in Maryland

Check out our amazing selection of boats for sale at Rhode River Boat Sales in Edgewater, Maryland! We're fully stocked with the newest boats from all of your favorite manufacturers. Stop by our boat dealership today! We're just a short drive from Washington DC, Virginia and Delaware.

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2023 Crownline Boats E305 XS QddgQKrx03un

2023 Crownline Boats E305 XS

MSRP: $300,052.00 | Regular Price: $259,995.00 | Sale Price: $229,995.00 | Savings: $70057


Stock #: OB143
  • new
  • Edgewater, MD
  • 30' or 360"
2023 Crownline Boats 280 XSS U9uFmK9790he

2023 Crownline Boats 280 XSS

MSRP: $198,525.00 | Regular Price: $166,895.00 | Sale Price: $149,995.00 | Savings: $48530

IN STOCK & READY FOR DELIVERY OPTIONS INCLUDED: Mercury 350 Verado XL w/DTS(Cold Fushion White)(Incl....

Stock #: OB136
  • new
  • Edgewater, MD
  • 28' or 336"

3 Reasons You Should Buy a New Boat

Are you thinking about buying a boat for the first time? Well, let me tell you, there are some awesome perks that come with getting a brand-new boat! Check out our cool article below to learn more. And when you're ready, come visit us in Edgewater, Maryland to see all the awesome boats we have for sale!


When you buy a brand new boat, you get all kinds of cool guarantees that will keep your boat safe from any problems or mistakes made during manufacturing. If something breaks on your boat, like a part or something, the company will pay for a new part and the cost to fix it. Even though your boat is super awesome and probably won't break, it's nice to know you have a backup plan just in case something goes wrong.


Taking care of your boat can be a real challenge! It can cost a lot of money and finding someone who knows how to fix it can be tough. Some people decide to do the maintenance and repairs themselves to save money. If you have a brand new boat, you won't have to worry about fixing it for a while. Plus, you won't have to deal with any mistakes from previous owners or mechanics messing up your stuff. At Rhode River Boat Sales, we're not your average boat dealership. We've got a full-service marina with certified technicians and hundreds of boat parts in stock. We care more about taking care of your boat than just selling it to you. So come on down and let us help you keep your boat in tip-top shape!


When it comes to quality, you can't go wrong with a brand new boat. They are made with the latest and greatest manufacturing techniques, which means they work better, last longer, and are super tough. Boats these days are built with top-notch materials and cool new technology, making them easier to use and more fun to ride. So if you want a boat that's reliable and performs like a champ, go for a new one!

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