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Bowrider vs. Center Dual Console

Driving A Boat in the Water

In recent years, boating has become a popular recreational activity in the USA. Choosing the right type of boat is the first step to ensuring a safe and enjoyable experience. With more than 20 different boat styles in the market, we will explore two of the best small-to-medium boat types in today’s market—Bowriders and Console Boats.

Center Consoles

Any boat with a console in the middle can be called a console boat. A center console has a single console in the middle for the boat operator and some space for passengers or storage. Anglers and divers typically prefer center consoles because most occupy less space and allow 360-degree access. In contrast, dual consoles will have two consoles with a walkway in the middle. So, you might get additional features or amenities but risk losing space on the hull. Dual consoles are used for cruising, water sports, and deep-water fishing.


  • Taller bows allow console boats to handle larger waves better.
  • They typically have high-powered or multiple engines to give them more power.
  • Most console boats have self-bailing decks to remove water collected in the deck.
  • They can be bought with hardtops to weather different conditions.


  • Seating options may be limited in console boats.
  • They aren’t built for adventure sports or leisure family trips.
  • Since most models are angler-focused, you might have to pay more for leisure amenities.

Bowriders & Dual Consoles

As the name implies, bowriders have seats in the front or bow of the boat. They are famous for leisure family trips because their V-shaped front hulls provide smooth rides even at high speeds. Since most bowriders also have a flat sun deck, people use them for recreational activities such as cruising, skiing, tubing, wakeboarding, and fishing. While console boats have outboard motors, bowriders can have both outboard or sterndrive motors.


  • Bow seats and sun decks allow bowriders to accommodate more people.
  • They are easier to handle when compared to console boats.
  • They are family-friendly and they might have more amenities.
  • The design makes it perfect for adventure sports and day trips.


  • Your passengers might feel cramped for space when you are at maximum capacity.
  • Day boat but some larger boats do offer small living quarters

In your pursuit to choose your next boat, you might feel overwhelmed by the choices in the market. Both center/dual console boats and bowriders have unique features, and your preference can ultimately determine your final choice.

If you’re looking for your next fishing boat, it’s better to go with the console boats. A bowrider might be the best choice if you want a family boat. No matter which one you choose, Rhode River Boat Sales will be able to help you. We have a large selection of center console, dual console, and bowrider boats in Anne Arundel County.